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GWI Announces Winners of the 2018 Global Water Awards
April 17, 2018 ( Global Water Intelligence (GWI) today announced the winners of the 2018 Global Water Awards, which were presented on Monday 16 April at the Pavillon d'Armenonville in Paris, France, as part of the Global Water Summit 2018.
Water tariffs will need to rise by 5.9% a year to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, new GWI report finds
Oxford, UK - April 12, 2018 ( A new market report published by GWI has found that water tariffs will need to increase by 5.9% each year in order to generate the $449 billion of annual investment required to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal on water and sanitation by 2030, and maintain existing infrastructure.
Building a Roadmap for Water's Future at The Global Water Summit 2018
April 5, 2018 ( The Global Water Summit will assemble business leaders and decision makers from across the international water, finance, and technology sectors to explore the changing paradigms for financing water, procuring projects in different regions, using digital solutions for water networks, and planning PPPs in markets
Whitefox ICE installation at Fox River exceeds expectations
Oshkosh WI - February 28, 2018 ( Fox River Valley Ethanol LLC completed the installation of its Whitefox ICE bolt-on solution at its ethanol plant in Oshkosh in December and is already seeing a positive impact at the gas meter and improvements to its operations.
Research uncovers the mysterious lives of narwhals
PORTLAND, Ore. - February 9, 2018 ( Narwhals are some of the most elusive creatures in the ocean, spending most of their lives in deep water far from shore.

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