Climate Revive Unveils Plan to Generate Carbon Credits on Australian Cattle Stations


Gold Coast City, Australia - January 22, 2024 ( - Climate Revive, the leading carbon and agriculture company, announced its latest venture, the restoration and regeneration of multiple large cattle stations across Australia.

Through forest and soil regeneration and biodiversity protection, the carbon developer company aims to generate Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) using regenerative agricultural methods.

Under the leadership of environmental scientist and founder Khory Hancock, the company is venturing beyond traditional agriculture by redefining the role of cattle stations in contributing to the planet's well-being.

"After successfully restoring carbon projects in Queensland and New South Wales, we aim to extend our work to other states of Australia and Internationally," Khory reveals.

This initiative represents a significant leap towards comprehensive and profitable land and marine management for climate action. One of the aspects of this new initiative is to purchase cattle stations to scale them to their best and highest use, such as ecotourism, wind farms, nature refuges, and carbon projects.

Marine conservation will unlock ecological benefits. "Seaweed plantations reduce methane emissions from cattle and promote sustainable practices that benefit both the environment and society," notes Khory.

Highlighting the role of water on the environment, he states, "Every ripple creates a credit, a promise, and a greener tomorrow."

This project will emphasize the role of humans in bridging the gap between economic viability and environmental regeneration. "We are all a part of nature and not above it. It means everything in nature is here for a reason, including us. We must find what that is by exploring our role in land and water management," Khory says.

About Climate Revive:

Climate Revive, founded in 2022, has become one of Australia's leading carbon and regenerative agriculture companies. Through merging regenerative agriculture with carbon methods, the company has registered ten cattle station carbon projects with the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator. The team is committed to sequestering over 10,000,000 tons of carbon dioxide through forest regeneration, aiming to restore millions of hectares of degraded land. Climate Revive demonstrates the profitability of nature's regeneration with a mission to revive all ecosystems to total health through working with landholders worldwide.

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